Connecting Nothing with Something: A Coastal Anthology

Connecting Nothing with Something explores the conflicted and shifting landscape of the south east English coast. We look at art led regeneration, hidden history, the ghosts of youth culture, white cliffs, empty holidays and kisses under the pier. 

Through fiction, poetry and illustration, this collection shines a light on life at the periphery of an island nation. 

Featuring, Salena Godden, Iain Aitch, Katrina Naomi, Dan Cockrill, Rowena Macdonald, Chimene Suleyman and many more, including a foreword from Travis Elborough. 

Praise for Connecting Nothing with Something


'The voice is generally sophisticated, sceptical and aloof but also prone to nostalgia and an unspecific sense of loss. Many of the pieces suggest a rapprochement with places almost forgotten about over the last few years, places now indelibly linked with (recently lost) youth.'
Fantastic Journal

'This sensitivity to place is what Influx Press is all about. That and great writing.'
Hackney Citizen

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