Our first book at the printers!

We sent our anthology of fiction and poetry, "Acquired for Development By..." off to our printers this week for proofs .
Gary nearly cried with joy. You should have seen it, it was weird. He got a wobbly lip like Will Smith does when he's 'acting'.
Anyway, proofs should be back soonish, which we'll be knocking out to reviewers and other people we want to say nice things about us.
Talking of which, we already have had some lovely cover quotations from Stewart Home and Owen Jones (author of Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class).
Stewart said, "Reaches the parts of Hackney Iain Sinclair doesn't reach!"
Owen said, "A beautiful, lucid insight into life in one of the most diverse communities in Britain. Revealing, witty and moving."
Which made Gary almost cry, again.