'The demands of success – mass-market editions and the budgets needed to create and sell them – are tough on small presses, and yet their willingness to commit their often scant resources to writers whose work they believe deserves an audience is having a significant impact on today’s literary ecology. (To name a few such examples: Eley Williams’s short story collection, Attrib., published by Influx Press – the winner of this year’s Republic of Consciousness Prize; the comic idiosyncrasy of Paul Ewen, the man behind Francis Plug’s How To Be a Public Author, from Galley Beggar Press; the intellectual dash of the Fitzcarraldo Editions catalogue.)'

Happy to Influx, and Eley Williams (Attrib.) are mentioned in the TLS this week. Alongside our allies and literary beef friends Galley Beggar, Fitzcarraldo and And Other Stories.

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