Where are they now? Unreliable Authors give us an update

It's been 5 months since An Unreliable Guide to London was released. Since it contains so many great writers that you might be interested in reading further, we thought we'd get an update from most of them to make it easy for you track their movements. Literary movements, obviously. We're not weirdos. 


Eley Williams: 

Eley has a slim book of poetry, Frit, coming out with Sad Press later this year. As a librettist (!) she also had a collaboration with composer Tom Wilson recently staged beneath the Thames in Tower Bridge's bascule chamber, sung by the Ben See band as part of the Totally Thames Festival. Oh and she has an amazing debut collection of short stories with some jokers called Influx Press coming in March.


Paul Ewen:

Paul is currently collaborating with Francis Plug on another book. You can find their first very amusing collaboration from our #literarybeef pseudo-rivals Galley Beggar


Irenosen Okojie:

Irenosen's new book, Speak Gigantular was released in September, and she's been up and down the country reading from it at various festivals, including Edinburgh and Henley. Kit interviewed Irenosen for 3:AM magazine in October, which you can read here.  


Chloe Aridjis:

Chloe’s third novel, set in Mexico in the late eighties, will be published by Chatto & Windus in early 2018. Meanwhile, she is starring in a film due for release in 2017, Josh Appignanesi’s And Then We Saw the Daughter of the Minotaur. She is currently working on a short story and early stages of the next novel. You can find her first two, quite brilliant novels here.


Noo Saro-Wiwa:

Noo contributed to an Italian-language anthology of short stories themed around Football: La Felicita degli uomini semplici (published by 66th and 2nd). It will be released in November this year. She also wrote an article celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of Top Gun, the movie: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/may/16/top-gun-tom-cruise-tony-scott!


Courttia Newland:

Courttia has been continuing his mentoring work with the Almasi League. He has a science fiction short story collection coming next year with our good friends over at Jacaranda Books. He has also had work published this year in the Sex and Death Anthology (Faber and Faber) and in A Country of Refuge (Unbound)


Juliet Jacques: 

Juliet recently wrote 'Sertraline Surrealism: After Claude Cahun' - https://writingsoundbergen.wordpress.com/.  She has completed a short 16mm film, Approach/Withdraw, made with the artist Ker Wallwork. It's about the effects of oestrogen on desire and orientation, and the classification of people by scientists and sexologists, narrated by Rebecca Root. And she's also  been working on a musical project with Morgan King.


Tim Burrows:

Tim wrote a piece for Guardian arts on the former Bata shoes company town, a Czech modernist marvel in the marshes of Thurrock, Essex. The article was tied to the Radical Essex festival Essex Architecture Weekend – he chaired the opening talk of the weekend, Landscape, Identity and the London SpillHe also wrote a piece for Guardian Cities on Essex's long-held role as London's dumping ground, from skeletons to sewage to landfill to people. And... Tim has just become a dad for the first time!


Nikesh Shukla:

Nikesh has been killing the game. What he has achieved with The Good Immigrant is astounding. Radio 4 book of the week, best seller on all the charts, appearances on BBC breakfast and that's just the beginning. Aside from this, he recently signed his new novel to the good people at Atlantic. 


Stephanie Victoire:

Stephanie's excellent collection of short stories The Other World, It Whispers is out November 15th with those taste makers extraordinaire, Salt Publishing. She also had a piece published for the Oh Comely Magazine blog in their "Sunday Reading" category. And here she is being interviewed with our pals Spread the Word.


Stephen Thompson:

Stephen recently moved back to London. His latest novel, No More Heroes (Jacaranda) is available to read now and it's excellent. A lot of it is set down the road from Kit's house. Kit gave a copy to one of his long time neighbours who was involved with some of the events that inspired the book. Kit's neighbour decided Stephen got it 'pretty much right'. High praise if you know Jimmy. 


Will Wiles:

Will's most important forthcoming thing is a contribution to Master Works: Rare and Important Chess Sets of the World (FUEL), which is being published to coincide with the World Chess Championships November. Will wrote the concluding chapter, on a few contemporary and improvised sets. It's a big, beautiful book, and he says he is 'hugely proud to have been part of it'. I think the public can buy it from spring next year. Will also recently became a dad! The Unreliable Guide is a fertile little writing project.


George F:

George continues to squat in and around London, fighting evictions, fascists and teaching people how to resist. He spent the summer in Europe doing workshops and events from Berlin to Budapest. Every now and then he pops into the Influx office and surprises Gary or Kit with tales of his adventures. 


Salena Godden:

Salena was part of Nikesh's The Good Immigrant anthology, writing a very powerful essay that had Influx clapping as we read it. Salena also has a new album out LIVEwire! The polymath's polymath continues to produce such brilliant work. She also has a new piece in the Neu Reekie anthology


Gareth E Ress:

Gareth as recently been involved recently in the Hastings storytelling festival, with an author talk called Uncanny Landscapes that included a new electronic version of his spoken word cycle 'A Dream Life of Hackney Marshes'. I also took part in the Midnight Run event, holding a story writing workshop in Bottle Alley during a 6 hour art-walk. Gareth is continuing his explorations of car parks and running Unofficial Britain (www.unofficialbritain.com), for which he is on the constant lookout for contributors. He also have a short story about coastal erosion and a disastrous trip to the toilet in next summer's Unthology


More author stories to come... this page will be updated as an when!