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Bindlestiff by Wayne Holloway

2036. In a ramshackle, backwater United States, Marine Corp vet Frank Dubois journeys from L.A. to Detroit, seeking redemption for a life lived off the rails, in a country derailed from its own manifest destiny. 

In present day Hollywood, a wannabe British film director hustles to get his movie ‘Bindlestiff’ off the ground starring ‘Frank’, a black Charlie Chaplin figure cast adrift in post-federal America. 

Weaving together prose and screenplay Bindlestiff explores the power and responsibility of storytelling, revealing what lies behind the voices we read and the characters we see on screen.

We open with a simple image of a man mending a hole in his shoe using a cut off piece of rubber and a tube of glue. From there the story explodes into a broiling satire on race, identity, family, friendship, war, peace, sex, drugs but precious little rock and roll.


"If it’s broke, fix it."

About the author

Wayne Holloway is a writer/director currently working in advertising. He shot his first movie, Snakes and Mongoose in LA in 2013. His second movie The Canal, based on Lee Rourke’s prize winning novel, shoots in London this year. He is the author of short story collection Land of Hunger (Zero, 2015) 

Praise for Wayne Holloway

 Wayne Holloway delivers a clenched fist rammed hard into the flabby belly of what post-modern writing has become.
– Stewart Home

At long last: A short-story collection packed with meaning. Land of Hunger is a socio-political odyssey that is both laugh-out-loud funny and deeply moving. Wayne Holloway is a much-needed breath of fresh air.
– Lee Rourke, author of Vulgar Things

A proper good read.
– The Quietus