October's special Influx Offer:

The remarkable, critically acclaimed Attrib and Other Stories, by Eley Williams, plus An Unreliable Guide to London which features an exclusive Eley Williams story, In Pursuit of the Swan at Brentford Ait, for just £15.99! (usual RRP £20) 

About Attrib and Other Stories:

What can we say? It's been celebrated as one of the great debut fiction books of the year. But we'll leave it to Max Porter, author of Grief Is A Thing With Feathers, who said, 'It's just the real inexplicable gorgeous brilliant thing this book. I love it in a way I usually reserve for people.'

About an Unreliable Guide to London:

An Unreliable Guide to London features short stories from some of the most talented writers working today - such as M John Harrison, Chloe Aridjis, Yvvette Edwards, Irenosen Okojie, Courttia Newland, Will Wiles, Noo Saro-Wiwa, Nikesh Shukla, Salena Godden, Sunny Singh and of course, Eley Williams.

The book brings together 23 stories about the lesser known parts of a world renowned city. Stories that stretch the reader's definition of the truth and question reality. Stories of wind nymphs in South Clapham tube station, a horse sized swan at Brentford Ait, sleeping clinics in Islington and celebrations for St Margaret's Day of the Dead. With a list of contributors reflecting the multi-layered, complex social structures of the city, it is the guide to London, showing you everything that you never knew existed.