“A lynchpin of the indie scene”
The Bookseller

Influx Press is an independent publisher based in north London, founded by Gary Budden and Kit Caless. We are committed to publishing innovative and challenging fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction from across the UK and beyond. Formed in 2012, we have published titles ranging from award-nominated fiction debuts and site-specific anthologies to squatting memoirs and radical poetry. We won the 2018 Republic of Consciousness Prize for Small Presses. Attrib. and Other Stories by Eley Williams won the prestigious James Tait Black Award in 2018, and our titles have been shortlisted and longlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize, the Edge Hill Prize, the Jhalak Prize, and the Gordon Burn Prize. Sanya Semakula joined the team as assistant editor in 2016, and Jordan Taylor-Jones filled out the lineup in 2019 as events and publicity officer.

The Team

Kit Caless

Kit Caless is a writer and editor based in Hackney Downs. He regularly contributes to magazines such Vice and The Quietus and is the author of the valuable thesis, Spoon's Carpets: An Appreciation (Vintage/Square Peg 2016).

Some of his favourite writers are ZZ Packer, JG Ballard, Nicola Barker and Michael Chabon.

You can reach Kit at kit@influxpress.com


Gary Budden is a writer and editor. He is the author of the books Hollow Shores, Judderman (as D.A. Northwood), and The White Heron Beneath the Reactor with artist Maxim Griffin. London Incognita is forthcoming in 2020.

Some of his favourite writers are Niall Griffiths, Sarah Hall, Joel Lane and Nina Allan.

You can reach Gary at gary@influxpress.com


Sanya Semakula is Assistant Editor at Influx Press. She is a short story writer and editor based in East London, her work can be found online at LossLit or in print anthology Flamingo Land and Other Stories.

Some of her favourite writers are Zola Neale Hurston, Ana Castillo, Toni Morrison and June Jordan.

You can reach Sanya at sanya@influxpress.com


Max Porter (author of Grief is the Thing With Feathers)

“Influx Press are an exciting independent publisher making good and interesting books. But more importantly Influx Press are noisy. They call out bullshit. They scream praise for good work, good people and good ideas. They are political. For a small press they have a huge presence and it is vital for all of us that they grow, continue and thrive.”

Joanna Walsh (author of Vertigo)

“Influx is the publisher we need in the Brexit age, reliably publishing innovative, radical, diverse and intelligent books, that are also a load of fun.”

Nikesh Shukla (author of Meatspace, editor The Good Immigrant)

“Influx Press is one of the most interesting and caring independent publishers around. They do what they do because they love everything they publish, are willing to take risks and want to add something to the culture and they're also just the nicest people in the business.”

Stephanie Boland (New Statesman)

“Influx Press is one of the most important small publishing houses in the UK. Their eye for overlooked, interesting writers is unparalleled, and it’s no surprise that so many of the people they take a chance on publishing go on to be so loved. The literary scene in this country would be, in my estimation, dramatically poorer without them.”

Niall Griffiths (author of Grits and A Great Big Shining Star)

“A world in ugly flux needs Influx and to what it is committed to promoting, publishing, and praising. We need, more than ever, its anger, spirit, defiance, and devotion to eternal truths. While it survives, then, maybe, so will we; all is not yet doomed.”

Sunny Singh (author of Hotel Arcadia)

"I love Influx Press for publishing thought provoking, fascinating – and yes often – dangerous books. Plus their books are always beautiful, with gorgeous design and high production values making them a joy to own, gift, but most importantly hold, read and reread."

Benjamin Myers (author ofThe Gallows Pole and The Offing)

“When everything is gone all that will remain will be rubble and narratives. Now more than ever it’s the independent publishers who are putting out the brave new work and Influx are right there, down in the trenches, digging out the stories that matter. Collectively their diverse works offer a valuable narrative of a Britain – a world, in fact - today, each carefully considered book delivering a story that skewers the confusion of 21st century living, and which might not otherwise get told. Long may they continue their important work.”

Irenosen Okojie (author of Speak Gigantular)

“Influx Press's bold vision means we get glorious books. Books that provoke, challenge and encourage us to reassess our relationships with particular spaces. They give us books you wish you'd written, books you wish you'd published, books you'll want to re-read. And in the process, make the publishing landscape more interesting. Not only do they publish brilliantly, they publish bravely. I'm delighted to have worked with them.”

Salena Godden (author of Springfield Road)

“Influx make beautiful and collectable books, I am proud to have had work published in two diverse and glorious anthologies Connecting Nothing to Something and An Unreliable Guide To London. Influx always astonish and surprise us with delightful literary treats from a wide range of colourful and vivid British talent. This is independent publishing at its best and I look forward to the next books we make together!”

Inua Ellams (poet, playwright)

"Influx are so on the money, so ahead of the curve, I think they've got juju running in perfect parallel with the computers, something humming in the dark, for telling what's coming, and making sure there's a book for readers to find solace in. This year, Hold Tight: Black Masculinity, Millennials and the Meaning of Grime by Jeffrey Boakye – for me is that book."

John Reppion (comics guru, Spirits of Place editor)

“With its roots buried deep beneath the cracked concrete veneer of the city, its boughs and branches held so high and spread so far the landscape below becomes a living map, Influx Press is a publisher of unique perspective. Story and place are at the heart of it all; places and their stories, stories about places. Every book a journey eagerly awaiting travellers old and new.”

Susan Tomaselli (editor of Gorse Journal) 

"Influx Press are one of the most original and exciting independent publishers of the twenty-first century. Their books and authors are visionary, rewriting our expectations of literature. A new Influx Press title is always something to look forward to."

Chimene Suleyman (author of Outside Looking On) 

“It is invaluable as a writer to work with people who instinctively understand the balance between allowing your creative space, whilst also guiding and navigating your words into a stronger, focused place. The innovative books that Influx consistently produce are well-considered, beautiful explorations from writers and topics I never knew I needed or wanted to read until presented with.”

Courttia Newland (author of The Scholar, The Book of Blues

“Influx are a great press - fully committed to all the things that make literature great, proactive with astoundingly fresh ideas and ways of looking at the world. It's always a pleasure to work with them, and I love the excitement of holding a book of theirs in my hands. You just know it's going to be something that reminds you what good reading actually feels like.”

Simon Spanton (Elliot & Thompson) 

“Ever since Gareth Rees' Marshland and Darran Anderson's Imaginary Cities I've always kept an eye out for the next new book coming from Influx. They have a real knack for finding exciting new voices: stories that manage to tell, vividly and poetically, about what it's like to live wherever we are. Whether from the centre of our cities or the margins of our worlds it's Influx's ability to find great writing that keeps me coming back to their list.”

Darran Anderson (author of Imaginary Cities) 

“Fearless and eclectic, Influx Press are focused on what's vitally important in literature and life; for all the advantages and curses the digital world brings us, we are creatures rooted in real places through memory, identity and stories. Exploring landscape and experience, Influx offer us writing that makes the world, even the familiar world, more meaningful, more revealing and more ours. Each book they publish is different and yet each is true to that spirit. Long may they roam.”

James Miller (author of Lost Boys

"I love Influx Press: their titles are edgy, original and unusual, they publish fresh and otherwise marginalised voices, exploring new experiences of the city and new relationships between place and prose – this is what independent publishing is all about."

Bridget Minamore (poet, essayist) 

“Small publishers like Influx Press keep the industry alive, and ensure we get a variety of diverse stories from a variety of diverse people. Supporting them by buying their books is important, but attending events and donating to fundraisers is too. Influx Press do something really special – they go digging for stories about special places so the rest of us can can see them too – and I'm sure this fundraiser will help them keep enabling people to tell their stories for a long time.”

Sam Berkson (author of Life In Transit) 

“Influx Press have established themselves in only a few years and with almost no financial support at the forefront of interesting literature in the UK. They are committed to radical, diverse publishing and have a good eye and ear for quality writing, a sharp sense of the zeitgeist and a radical open-mindedness for the kind of genre-blurring work that they have published. I speak as one of their published authors but also a fan and I can testify to the fact that their treatment of their authors matches the politics of their publishing.”

Tom Chivers (Penned in the Margins) 

“Influx is a dynamic presence in the UK's indie publishing scene, and one of few publishers that focus on place-writing. Gary and Kit take risks on books that others would overlook, and in so doing are creating whole new territories of imagination. I'm proud to support their work.”

Briony Bax (editor, Ambit

"Influx Press seeks out diverse new voices in the literary sphere. They are intrepid, honest and brave. In these troubled times these are exactly the kind of people who we should be supporting."

Helen Marshall (author of The Migration

"Influx Press is one of the most interesting upstart indie presses in operation right now. Their books are imaginatively conceived and slickly produced. I would read anything they put out: if it's by Influx I know it's going to be excellent!"

Will Wiles (author of The Way Inn and Plume) 

“Influx is essential – a lively and diverse voice in a sea of stale homogeneity.”

Lee Rourke (author of The Canal and Glitch)

"Influx Press explore the territories other publishers simply aren't aware exist. They are a vital, thoroughly modern publisher forging new ways at looking at the world around us. Long may they continue to seek out new horizons."