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Outside Looking On

London born poet and critic Chimène Suleyman has lived under the watchful eye of Canary Wharf for most of her life. Her debut poetry collection Outside Looking On, explores the positive and negative side of loneliness and boredom, using the Docklands as allegory and symbol.
The tall, glass monoliths are as lonely as the characters who exist around them. But they offer constant support; a navigational tool, stars in the sky, always there, lights on.

‘Vivid and funny, sometimes horrific but always human. Chimène Suleyman is an extraordinary talent.’ – Evie Wyld

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Above Sugar Hill

An unforgettable collection of short stories set in Washington Heights, New York City. Located between 145th and 181st Street – roads no one from outside the neighbourhood is expected to visit. It is a visceral, vital work of site-specific fiction. Above Sugar Hill is a literary map of Upper Manhattan memories, uncompromising narratives and complicated truths.

“Mannheim’s restive tales of her desiccated stretch of New York provoke and abide like a slap.“ - Eimear McBride

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Marshland: Dreams and Nightmares on the Edge of London

Marshland is a deep map of the east London marshes, a blend of local history, folklore and weird fiction, where nothing is quite as it seems. Gareth E Rees has written a London text like no other. This book contains striking illustrations from artist Ada Jusic.

“Layered London, black, funny, marshy, full of horrible vigour & hidden channels” – M John Harrison.

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Connecting Nothing with Something

An anthology of short stories and poetry set on the Kent and Sussex coast. Featuring writing from Salena Godden, Travis Elborough, Dan Cockrill, Rowena Macdonald, Chimene Suleyman and many more.

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Life in Transit

‘…looking at Sam Berkson’s book, I am reminded of some possible precursors of the fast-talking mode of the new generation: Ferlinghetti for instance, or Jacques Prévert or even the Chilean anti-poet Nicanor Parra.’ – Ambit

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Acquired for Development By

  ‘…a literary dolly mixture of alternative takes on the borough…’ - The Londonist

‘Reaches the parts of Hackney that Iain Sinclair doesn’t reach.’ – Stewart Home

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